Dehydration Danger!

Dehydration is common problem in humans and is often overlooked. Learn how to keep you and your children well-hydrated, especially when outdoors during the hot summer days.

Dehydration Danger

While you are out on a summer day with hot-weather, there is a danger and often being overlooked: dehydration.
The symptoms of person being dehydrated include:

  • Dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Extra dry-lips or mouth
  • Color change in urine
  • Heat exhaustion or heart stroke

Kid Drinking Water, Avoid Dehydration Children and teens are subject to dehydration due to number of reasons: Their bodies are slow in adjusting to temperature changes. For younger active athletes, they produce more heat as a result of movement and they sweat less than adults, making it harder for their body to cool down.

Additionally, kids are having fun and forget to drink water and take breaks. They don’t always remember to take a break and hydrate. Those wearing heavy clothes such as football pads or band uniforms are at an even (at) higher risk of heat-related illnesses.

But there is good news! Dehydration and other heat-related illnesses are preventable. With a litte planning ahead before you and your kids are outdoors or having summer time fun, you can easily pack enough water to keep everyone well hydrated. Remind your kids about the importance of taking regular breaks and DRINK ENOUGH WATER!

Let’s also talk about what not to drink. Soda is not a good choice for hydration. The carbonation can cause stomach upset and the sugar content is way too high. If the soda has caffeine, this can further hinder the body’s ability to absorb water. Fruit juice is not the best choice either since sugar content is too high, slowing fluid absorption, and the acids in the juice may cause stomach upset. And contrary to popular belief, sports drinks are actually dehydrating and not healthy either! Alkaline Ionized Water is proved to be up to six times more hydrating than conventional water and full of antioxidants. You can make your own alkaline ionized water at home with a water ionizer (add product link), fill up reusable BPA-Free water bottles (add product link), and take it with you to sports events, the park, the pool, the gym, etc. This is a much better alternative to bottled water, which in addition to creating waste, is usually acidic and can leach chemicals from the plastic into the water. Over time, the cost of a water ionizer is actually much less than buying bottled water.
Try our water calculator to see how much you should drink and learn more on how to drink healthy and how to make our world a better place with greener environment.

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