Human needs exercise, learn more on how ionized alkaline water helps improving performance when you exercise



All humans have the need for exercise. According to Edward R. Laskowski, M.D, a general goal aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day so several hours a week is recommended.

When a person exercises, your body produces Lactic Acid. ionized alkaline water helps neutralize lactic acid and helps your body recover faster. Even professional athletes recommend Chanson ionized alkaline water because they see how much it helps improve their performance. Athletes are often chronically dehydrated.

Even 1% of dehydration will result in a 2% performance drop and impair the body's ability to recover from a game or workout.

Athletes are often chronically dehydrated. Even 1% of dehydration will result in a 2% performance drop and impair the body's ability to recover from a game or workout.

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Jose Viera, who trains at the Jackson Martial Arts gym in Albequerque, New Mexico, is a promising Mixed Martial Arts fighter. When asked what his secret to success training is, he answers, "Chanson Water baby, its the only way to go" 


ATTENTION: Sports Trainers, swimmers, Boxers, Body Builders, Runners, Athletes of All Kinds and Everyone Who Exercises.


An athlete’s biggest enemy is LACTIC ACID. 

It is created during exercise and the body must buffer and remove this acid to recover and progress. It is critical to understand that in order to burn fat, build muscle and increase endurance you must be able to buffer lactic acid. All of the conventional supplements on the USA market today have very little to no effect on lactic acid buffering and many make the body even more acidic! 

In addition, 98% of the bottled waters and sport drinks on the market are highly acidic, making the situation even worse. When you flood your body with lactic acid through exercise and then drink acidic liquids and supplements, you are in essence stunting your growth and cutting your progress down dramatically!

The Solution: ionized alkaline water

Ionized alkaline water is so effective at buffering lactic and other harmful acids that it’s called "Miracle Water" by many of the hundreds of thousands of users in Japan, Korea, China and Russia where it has been in use for over 30 years! Some Users experience: major endurance increase, reduction in joint and muscle soreness, dramatic strength and speed increase, increased flexibility, increased energy levels, increased fat burning and muscle building, plus a host of other health improvements. 

Reuters News Agency just reported that popular energy drinks may raise stroke and heart attack risk! Australian medical researchers found that these drinks literally cause the blood to become sticky, which dramatically increased health dangers. The high pH of our water makes it one of the most powerful acid buffering agents you can consume, but that’s only the beginning.

The Competitive Edge Revealed...

Alkaline Ionized water is micro -clustered. The dramatically smaller molecule clusters yield huge increases in cellular hydration. Your current supplements become far more effective as they are taken deeper into your cells than regular water has ever been able to reach. 

But the best part by far is Alkaline Ionized Water carries a negative electrical charge (OH-) which makes it one of the most potent antioxidants available anywhere! That’s right, this water provides Hydroxyl Ions or more simply stated donates electrons to needy cells! 

Yes, we are talking about HEALING WATER! Water with over 30 years of clinical research backing it in Asia. These water ionizer machines, used in thousands of hospitals and clinics, are now available to all Americans in small countertop and under counter versions. These machines thoroughly filter and make these incredible alterations to your homes tap water supply in just seconds! 

Honestly, our "miracle molecule water" makes Smart Water look silly! Still don’t believe it? We know it sounds to good to be true and even a bit crazy, we know there will be many critics and unbelievers just like when they said the world was round instead of flat, but we’re ready to present as much evidence as you need to gain the confidence to start drinking Alkaline Ionized Water and change your health and fitness permanently."

"I have worked with hundreds of football, hockey and golf professionals over the past twelve years. Professional athletes excel in their sports because of the physical and mental attributes they have honed over the years. Lack of focus, stress, decrease in energy, muscle tightness are all derived from the same problem-lack of proper hydration. Based upon sound clinical research in speeding up recovery from vigorous activities to guarding against disease, drinking alkaline ionized water may be the single most important support your body can receive."
- Dr. Preston Wakefield, Active Release Techniques Provider

If you still want to learn more on ionized alkaline water, contact water expert today or visit our recommended water ionizer at Chanson Water


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