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At Chanson Water USA we strongly hold that education is the number one thing you can use to make the right decisions regarding your health.

We are happy to provide the following free gifts and resources so that you can become knowledgeable and make informed decisions regarding the most important thing that you put in your body: water.

Free Water Ionizers Buyers Guide

Claim your FREE Water Ionizer Buyers Guide. This guide will help you navigate the vast amount of information on the internet regarding Water Ionizers so you can find the machine thats right for you. Claim your free water ionizer buyers guide!

Chanson Water Health Newsletter

Sign up for our FREE Chanson Water Health Newsletter. Receive tips, news, recipes and updates on healthy living in addition to our newest promotions and contests. Sign Up To Receive Our Next Newsletter!

The Beginners Shopping Guide to Adopting an Alkaline Diet & Lifestyle

This handy shopping guide gives an overview of some of the equipment, groceries, and beauty/cleaning supplies that you may find useful in acheiving your goals of acid-alkaline balance. Get your free Beginners Shopping Guide by clicking here.

Free Water Consultation

Enjoy a complementary Water Consultation with a Chanson water expert. We can answer any of your questions regarding alkaline water ionzers, drinking water filtration, whole house filtration, and water testing. Sign up today!

Water Demonstration

Watch a 30-minute demonstration that will introduce you to topics relating to alkaline ionized water and its uses. This is a great introduction to anyone new to alkaline ionized water. Watch the Water Demonstration!

Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature – Video

Watch our full length 75 minute video presentation of “Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature” by Ronnie Ruiz. Learn 7 secrets to living a healthier and happier life. Watch the Full Length Video Today!

Free Report for Medical Practitioners

This report exclusively for medical professionals by Dr. Steven Smith covers “The Seven Biggest Dangers For Medical Practitioners” and some solutions to these problems. Find out what these dangers are!

Alkaline Recipes Ebook

22 alkaline recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and beverages from health and wellness expert Christina Chambers and Chanson CEO Nedalee Thomas. Click here for your free copy of our Alkaline Recipes Ebook!

Clean 15/Dirty Dozen Printable Food Chart

Learn which foods need to be bought organic, and which don’t in a handy format that you can stick on the fridge or bring with you to the store. Click here to claim your free Printable Food Charts!

Alkaline & Acid Foods Chart

Download your free Chanson Water – Alkaline & Acid Food Charts. Click Here to get Instant Access

Free pH Strips

Test your body’s pH and learn more about your health. Claim your free pH strips today! Click Here to Get Your Free Strips

Free A-Z Alkaline Foods EBook

a to z alkaline foods promo In this ebook we cover 26 alkaline foods from A-Z, providing you with the health benefits of each food as well as recipes to try. Click Here to Get Your Free Alkaline Foods EBook



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Free Customized Report

How much water should you drink per your body weight? Get a free customized water report, click here to use our water calculator.

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Click here to get Free Water Class Consultation, free heath DVD, Free Water Demo,e.t.c

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