Human needs weight control! Learn more on how alkaline water helps body release fat


37% of Americans have such a weak thirst mechanism they often mistake it for hunger. One glass of water deters hunger pangs for 98% of the dieters observed in a University of Washington Study.

Many people easily lose 15-20 lbs. by using an alkaline diet or alkaline water. According to Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss. Alkalizing your body through diet allows your body to release fat as it is no longer needed to buffer acids in your system.






  • Ron R lost 45 pounds in 75 days by alkalizing with water and an alkaline diet and was never hungry. 
  • Genesis V lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks by drinking alkaline water.
  • Yovonda M lost 60 pounds by drinking alkaline ionized water and going for walks in the evening.
  • Jill P lost 100 pounds by alkalizing her body through natural foods.
  • Tom lost 100 pounds by alkalizing his body with an alkaline diet.
  • Ron R lost 45 pounds in 75 days by alkalizing with water and an alkaline diet and was never hungry.

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