Alkaline water helps protect your health by assisting in supporting health immunity and alkaline balance.


All humans have the basic need for safety. We recommend Chanson Water which offers many products that relate to you and your family safety.

Here a few of the ways that Chanson Water can help you meet that need:

Chanson Water ionizers help protect your health by assisting in supporting health immunity and alkaline balance.
Ionizer armor protects the ionizer plates and your water containers from calcium build up by reversing the polarity of the minerals so that they don’t stick in the same way.

Power Powder protects the environment and consumer from toxins. It is also great on your budget as you us only a tiny amount to do the same job you used to need a large scoop of other brands.


chanson showerSpa shower filter protects from cancer causing chlorine.

It is especially formulated to effectively removes 95% or more of harmful chlorine from shower water. And it is the only Shower Filter to include anions swirling type deflector. Find out the hidden dangers of your morning shower!





Our pre filters protect from chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, diabetes causing arsenic and other contaminates

The Importances of Fluoration


floject water pumpThe flojet water pump is a device to protect your family any time you are in a situation when piped water is not available. If you need to put water from a 5 gallon bottle or a pool for example in a time of emergency, the flojet is the right tool. Click here for details


ultra filter

When protection from bacteria is a concern, such as in well water, the Chanson Ultra filter is the perfect solution. It is unique in that it has a built in back flushing system to keep this specialized filter from clogging. Click here for details





nano filtration system

The Chanson Nano filter is a great alternative for people who want the pure water that an reverse osmosis system provides without the down sides of a RO system. In addition to stripping the water of all valuable minerals, RO systems have a very high waste water ratio as well as a high potential for mold in the holding tank. The are also limited to the amount of water that can be held in the tank at one time. The Chanson Nano filter is a modified reverse osmosis which removes contaminates but not all minerals, has a pump eliminating the need for a tank and has  one to one waste water ratio. So if RO is the way to go to protect you water source with maximum purity choose the Chanson Nano filter and protect your health and the environment at the same time. Click here for details


Is your drinking water safe?


Clean drinking water is something that the public has pretty much taken for granted for the past hundred years. The public has little idea--perhaps understandably--just how contaminated our drinking water has become. Our environment has changed in such a way as

  1. new biological transformations are emerging
  2. drinking- water systems are aging
  3. and governments seem more interested in ensuring business in the global marketplace than in ensuring the safety and health of the world citizens more on the truth about water contamination


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