Human needs strong immunity! Read on to find out how alkaline water helps build strong immunity

Strong Immunity

It has been said that there is not a single illness or disease that a strong immune system will not heal.
Alkaline water is believed

  1. to help the body heal itself by pulling toxins out of the body because of it's smaller water molecule size
  2. and negative electrical charge, reducing inflammation because it is antioxidant
  3. and helping to balance the body's ph system

These three benefits work together to support your immune system creating an environment for your body to do the work to heal itself.


 Not Ionized Water blood

After drinking alkaline water for 30 days, these blood cells from Ronnie Ruiz (CEO of Chanson Water® USA) still reveal unhealthy signs. Here we see yeast cells and red blood cells with white spots inside - which is indicative of a diet that is too high in carbohydrates and simple sugars and an acidic imbalance in the body.

We also see some red blood cells that look like bottle caps. This is a more significant indication of latent tissue acidosis at the cellular level, revealing the body's inability to remove acid waste. Acid builds up, causing cells to eventually break down. This blood is not healthy


Ionized Water blood

After 18 months of drinking alkaline water on a daily basis, Ronnie’s very healthy blood cells are shown. Please note, it doesn't take 18 months to make this dramatic change. This was simply the lapse of time between the two tests. Red blood cells are no longer malformed and showing acidic breakdown.

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